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Manchurian Idli

Yes yes… I know the title seems little awkward and after reading that your mind (and probably your mouth too) is asking How???

Manchurian idli is just another option you can use for your left over idlis… It tastes good and if your family love Chinese food, then there are chances that you end up making this, instead of the original Idli-sambhar

1) In a pan, take 2 cups of water. Add 2 tbsp Vinegar, 2 tsp soya sauce, 2 tsp of salt.

2) In this mixture add 3 tbsp corn flour (blended with 1/2 cup water) and bring the mixture to a boil, keep it aside.

3) In another pan/wok add some oil and saute julienne of Onion and capsicum ( 1/2 cup of each) for a min

4) Once the onions turn slightly pink and capsicum turns soft add the sauce into it

5) Add quarters of Idlis and mix them well. Cook them for a min

6) Garnish with freshly cut parsley or celery and serve hot


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Carrot-Cucumber Parathas

Yess… The title does sound too health-conscious parathas.. And of course they are, a little, if you are omitting one extremely special ingredient, cheese. Carrot-Cucumber ParathaPicture looks yummy?? So let’s make it…

1) In a bowl, add grated cucumber, grated carrot and 2 big tbsp mayonnaise. Add salt, pepper, green chillies and masalas you like.

2) Now add flour in parts, while keep mixing it properly with the mixture. Prepare a dough this way.

3) Now make round balls of the dough and roll it into a circle using a rolling pin.

4) Add some grated Cheese in the center of the flat circle.

5) Bring the edges together on the top of the filling.

6) Now press the top of the filling with the palm of your hand until the dough gets depressed and forms into a flatbread.

7) Now again slightly roll into a circle. Usually the Parathas are little thicker than rotis.

8) On a non-stick tawa, add a tsp of oil and place the paratha on it, roast it for 1-2 min.

9) Turn it when some brown spots start appearing on the surface of the flatbread. Roast it on the other side .

10) Serve with tomato ketchup or more mayonnaise.

Tip : Use some flour to dust the flatbread while rolling it, in order to help the dough from sticking to the dough.

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